Fencing Solutions

Large Events and Crowd Control

Experts at meeting the needs for a safe and well-planned events

Events are the most lucrative segment that garners the highest rental rates and it is usually for a rather short period of time. This area includes festivals, marathons, sporting events and generally anywhere there is a gathering of people, so it is a huge area. This segment demands an efficient fencing operation which First Fence NL Inc. has perfected and that is why they are in demand. While it creates a great challenge, it also offers many benefits as there is a definite “fun, excitement” found in many of these event involvements.

Construction Worksites

Meeting and exceeding industry requirements for all construction site safety and security

This segment provides the opportunity to have fence standing for much longer periods of time and while the pricing is lower the labor element is greatly reduced resulting in greater profitability over time. The concern for greater on-site

Privacy Screening

Restricts visual access, reduces dust and debris.